1.1 On the left menu, select Apps and then select Appclay Product Configurator
2.1 Click on "Add product” button
Let’s enter the main product details: 3.1 Enter title 3.2 Enter base price (optional) 3.3 Mark the "Published" checkbox (It is better to publish the product after the build is completed.) 3.4 Upload Product image by clicking "Actions" (Read image guide) 3.5 Upload Scene image or choose Scene background color by clicking "Actions" (Read image guide)
Let’s create our first option set: 4.1 Press "New option set" button 4.2 Enter title 4.3 Select Z-Index (Read z-index guide) 4.4 Mark "Multiple selections" checkbox if multiple selections in this category are allowed. 4.5 Mark "Mandatory" checkbox if at least one selection in this category is required. 4.6 Mark "Published" checkbox (It is better to publish the option set after all options have been added.)
Let’s add our first option to our newly created option set: 5.1 Press "Add new option" button 5.2 Enter title 5.3 Enter price 5.4 Upload Thumbnail image or pick Thumbnail color by clicking "Actions" (Read image guide) 5.5 Upload Layer image by clicking "Actions" (Read image guide)
That is basically it. Now just repeat steps 4 and 5 until all options and option sets are added. Don’t forget to mark the "Published" checkbox and press the "Save" button in the upper right corner.
Here you can download all image assets for bicycle tutorial - download
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